It is no secret anymore that Google places quality back links high up on the list of good things to have for getting great search engine rankings.   In the past, many of us just blindly threw links here and there, asked for reciprocal links and mistakenly spent money on phony link-farms.  What you actually need to do is quite the opposite. You need to do your research and keep working at building quality back links to your site in order to make a difference.  Below is a list of important things to consider when building your quality back links:

  • Use available tools to automate your link building tasks (such as LinkAssistant)
  • Validate back links for any issues that could undermine your SEO quality
  • Contact webmasters to fix issues
  • Clean up spammy links
  • Locate quality sources of back links (related to your site)
  • Monitor/Report and Revisit your plan so that you maintain your quality link building initiative

This is a lot of stuff to keep in mind and to actually do in order to maintain your in-bound link quality.  Notice that the first thing I mentioned was using a tool.  I’ve found one and it is called LinkAssistant, which is brought to you by the same place that WebSite Auditor.  This tool is great in that it does all the stuff I mentioned, but more importantly there is a Free Edition that lets you at the least, try this out.


The tool is great in that it creates Penguin-friendly back links (the Google Penguin update) and helps you build the quality back links that Google is expecting.  With LinkAssistant, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Build high-quality Links
  • Penguin AND Penguin update friendly links
  • Manage your link outreach from the dashboard
  • Keep track of all existing back links
  • Monitor/Report on your link growth over time (very useful!)

linkassistant-box-125x125Just to let you know, this is just one of the tools in the complete SEO PowerSuite toolkit (which I must say is worth checking out).  So anyways, this tool is worth the money (FREE! 🙂 ) so I suggest checking it out.  With the monitoring tools, along with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see that building quality inbound links to your site will definitely increase your search engine results.


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